Lessons Learned

Please raise your hand, if there any of you who grew up or ever lived in Bekasi!

Not much people raise their hand when get question that related to Bekasi 🙂

As a matter of fact, I attended a group session with my college month ago and the tutor give an exact same question and no one raise the hand including me even though I exactly know that there are at least 3 person in that room who live in Bekasi J

Mister toast master, Awesome Member and distinguish guest!

My Name is Muhamad Aditian Wijaya, pls call me Tian.

And yes I live in Bekasi.  Living Sacrifice hhe J

20 years ago, Bekasi is consider as a Industrial town, the majority of population is came from low income family

And Like any of most of child from low income family, my parent wants me to be a competitive person. To be the number 1, rank no 1, get in the best public school in town etc. etc. Just For simple reason: so I can have a better live (means more money)

And yes I grew up as competitive person, I remember when I was in elementary school, my parent didn’t give pocket money so I need to find out how to survive, survive means buy gundu, gambaran, biji karet so I can play with my friend. Since I am a competitive child, instead of desperately watching my friends playing games, I am start to selling an answer for math home works, and believe it or not the demand was very high, and within a couple days I turn into a “rich” kid. Everything looks affordable for me, as long as it is still under 10K J. And that the story of 12 years old Tian, learning about his first life lesson, “money can bring happiness” and all I need to do just become the smartest guys in the class.

I figured out my next life lesson when I was in senior high school. Do you still remember what kind of guy/girl are you in High School? Active, Nice, Smart, kind of polite person

All I remember about me when I was in High School is I am kind of badass, stubborn person, the only thing that save me is I am good in math and science so the teacher still love me. But then came the problem, all of us have to choose, science or social. I don’t know teacher preference in your school about science and social, but in my school, they value you more if you are science student. And deep down in my heart prefer economy and sociology, my passion is in business and social field. Then I choose Social than Science, even I knew, my parent and teacher will disappoint with my decision. And I knew it will not be the same anymore but I still choose social than science and I feel good and have no regret about it because i learn. When you do things from your soul, it will bring more happiness and money will followJ. That’s my 2nd life lesson

So how about now? What is next life lesson that I learned now? me my self still trying to figure what exactly it is, but for sure even money and doing your passion still leaving some empty nest in my heart.

Because of that feeling, I took a big step in my life. I married a woman when I 24 and 3 years later I have 2 little kids of my own. I have happy and meaningful life right now, and maybe my 3rd life lesson is to about eager to more responsibility and have compassion especially with what you love most

Just like Jalaludin Rumi Said Love is the energizing elixir of the Universe, the cause and effect of all Harmony.

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