Agus-Silvy; Ahok-Djarot; Anis-Sandiaga, for you citizen of Jakarta, have you decided it yet?

If you ask me, I can’t participate, because I am Bekasi citizen and as you know in Bekasi we have high profile and qualified candidate. Musician turns to be Politician. Guess who? Yes you are right Ahmad Dani 🙂

To be honest, I am very envious of you. You all have very good candidate. I believe whoever is elected will make Jakarta much better. Why? Because right now, citizen of Jakarta is fully aware and not apathies with their rights. Right for better service, right for better infrastructure and Right for better education, their standard and expectation is already high. There is no room for candidate to fool their voter.  So, I think the only difference between candidates is matter of speed, speed to implement their program

But again, we all now, this election will not be easy for all of us.

Why? Because this election is represent the clash of political moderate and conservative. The process and result of Jakarta election will represent the maturity of Democracy in Indonesia. But let’s not talk about that it’s boringJ, let’s talk about our role in this process. Our role as millennial generation.  Because we have a big role in this process, we contribute more than 40% of the total voter, we are a digital generation, we influence others, we express our view without hesitate in social media even sometimes we regret what we have postedJ. Anyway, long story short, we are very important to them.  Technically, they will do everything to get our support and then problem is starting.

We live in the era of HOAX, bad people will do everything to get what they want. Create fake news, Edit photo or video and spread it in social media to direct public opinion is one of the example. So in my opinion, at least there are 3 things that we need to do before we decide and promote our view or even debate with others view

Understand the issue and also the challenges that Jakarta have right now, that the first thing that we need to do. Do your homework, I mean research before posting in Social Media or jump in to discussion. Why? So we can have bigger picture.

Secondly, check about candidate’s background, check their family especially their kid, I personally believe if someone can’t lead their kid how can they lead peoples and also check their accomplishment, and their vision for Jakarta.  A great leader has capability to translate their vision into reality.

Last thing you need is to Contemplate, take some time to think. Ask yourself, which candidate who represent you the most. Like wise man said Let your heart guide you.

Understand the problem, check candidate’s background, and contemplate, remember these 3 thing so we can have bigger picture before decide and promote our view.

Having a clear and bigger picture is really important because as millennial we used to debate, we used to fight and defend our opinions. So at least we have a good argument when jump into discussion. But there is one another important thing that we like to forget etchic. We need to also ensure that we deliver our opinion in appropriate way. No matter how true what you say unless you say it the appropriate way, people will never follow you.

Ladies and gentlemen, along the way we will find black campaign; we will meet people with a lot of hatred who spread hate speech. That are something that we can’t control, the only thing that we can control is our self. Our respond to that kind of thing will define our self.

So before the Election Day, make sure we do our homework.

Make your eyes and ear open because a leader true nature will reveal itself despite disguise

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